14 May, 2007

A horrible day and chateaux

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Today was a horrible day, as far as being a tourist goes. I had set aside the day to actually leave Paris and head to Versailles, seeing as until yesterday I was getting by on a weekly pass for the Paris metro and bus system. But the day started late, and the weather was looking poor (but it had done the same the past few days without a big problem). IMG_6583outIMG_6577out When I got off the RER train and walked to the famous Chateau, it was undergoing restoration works, so large portions of the building itself were covered in scaffolding. Then I found out that the building was closed on Mondays (well how was I supposed to know?), and although there was plenty to do just wandering around the enormous gardens as well as Marie Antoinette’s dominions, I was a little annoyed with myself. And before long my camera decided to break, so some of the stunning scenes I did eventually see (although it was pouring by then), might have to be found on Google Images instead of At least, while the day was horrible, it only cost 5.40 Euros! (more…)

7 March, 2007

Is it spring yet?

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Just when I thought we were about to hit melting point (and the streets would soon be covered with the slush of melting snow), the temperature dipped right back down to the -30s (and everything froze). If only I knew this before going for a 30 minute walk without my tuque (beanie) or long johns on. In fact, just the day before I had washed my long underwear and put it away, hoping not to need them again for some time.

They are finally predicting highs of 9 degrees by the end of the week…

Update: they bureau changed its mind: the best we’ve got now till Sunday is 1 degree.

30 January, 2007

Getting ready… running late

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What do you wear in -20°C but calm, partially sunny weather? Long underwear, or not? Argh!

17 January, 2007

15th January, Montreal finally white.

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Snow storm is an oxymoron
One is subtle and quiet
The other raging and thunderous
Together, the snow floats (or pours) down
In heavy washes of tiny drifting specks,
Building white, wind-swept dunes

This used to be a city with gutters
But the scattererd spatterings of silty white
Amass to envelop and elide
The distinction between road and path
So that cars slow to a stroll so unlike autumn’s rush
It silences the sounds, the steps,
Each stride only deepens and imprints the soft
Snowy coat upon the pavement, upon the streets
And it keeps piling, turning the once-green once-red brown hills white.

1 December, 2006

Cold as Ice

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December 1 weatherDecember 1. First day of a new season, at least by Australian accounts. And certainly too by the accounts of Montreal weather. It has hardly snowed since the day when I reported it, and I’ve been repeatedly admonished for calling that snow in the first place. (more…)

21 October, 2006

It snowed!

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So I’ve no longer never seen snow before… But it was exhilirating. It was horrible weather outside for most of Friday. Suddenly Naomi looks out her window and shouts “it’s snowing!!” I look out too, and there are little white slivers of ice falling where heavy drops of rain once did. It took a few moments for the exhiliration to set in. Blessed are You, Lord, God, King of the Universe who has made us live, and kept us, and brought us to this occasion! I escaped, heading home, camera in hand, watching people with whitened hair and umbrellas pass by; excitement burning within me and the lightness of the cool flakes on my shoulders all the way.

First snow!First snow!First snow!First snow!First snow!

19 October, 2006

When it rains it pours…

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Not really in Montreal. It’s been raining for the past week or so, but rarely more than what I’d think of as heavy sprinkling. Still, people here don’t like this weather. Waking up to look out at a white sky and slippery streets of wet, yellow-brown maple leaves and people making their way around in rain coats, and everything tinted with grey. I personally think it’s much nicer than Sydney’s rain, which comes suddenly, heavily, or sloshes on for days in thick droplets, when it isn’t coming down in torrents. It’s not that cold here, either… yet.

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