28 January, 2007

A Washington Weekend (a month ago!)

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Nearly a month late, I thought I’d take the opportunity to wish people a happy 2007, and tell you a little bit about my New Year’s excursion to DC. I think, though, that unless I want to keep lagging behind on my tales, I might need to do it in summary form (nup- didn’t succeed). I could just ignore it, but one of the main reasons I blog about my travels is to save some memory of them, a little like a diary, only more public. And then I wish I could blog about every week of life here when something new happens, but it’s not as distinct as when I am travelling, and much harder to keep track of and find time to write about.

So I arrived in DC on the night of Wednesday the 27th of December, 2006, off the Greyhound bus and into the care of Naomi and her family, still carrying the cookies left with me from Philadelphia. (more…)

17 January, 2007

15th January, Montreal finally white.

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Snow storm is an oxymoron
One is subtle and quiet
The other raging and thunderous
Together, the snow floats (or pours) down
In heavy washes of tiny drifting specks,
Building white, wind-swept dunes

This used to be a city with gutters
But the scattererd spatterings of silty white
Amass to envelop and elide
The distinction between road and path
So that cars slow to a stroll so unlike autumn’s rush
It silences the sounds, the steps,
Each stride only deepens and imprints the soft
Snowy coat upon the pavement, upon the streets
And it keeps piling, turning the once-green once-red brown hills white.

In Quaker Country

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Now, as winter break is consigned further and further to the annals of my memory, I will try and pull out a little more of it to relate to you, faithful reader.

My stop in New York (on Christmas day) this time was just that. (more…)

5 January, 2007

A weekend with Rachel and Sharon

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My trip to Boston began by being late. I was finishing my couscous and chicken lunch on Thursday (21st Dec 2006), and farewelling Jawina, and hadn’t even got as far as packing for our 3:45 bus (for which we had not bought tickets, which meant we were meant to arrive early enough to buy them at the station and get a seat on the bus). (more…)

17 October, 2006

“Sabbath observer” — a musical weekend

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It began as Yom Kippur ended: the sudden realisation that my days in North America are numbered, and that the following Monday would be Canadian Thanksgiving. It would also be Sukkot, and a great opportunity to get out of town for the weekend, or at least to venture into another neighbourhood of Montreal. But I decided I would try to get to New York. (more…)

1 September, 2006

NYC again

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The first part of this blog’s story didn’t actually happen in NYC. It happened further up Long Island, when I got off at Woodmere station, not sure of my instructions on which way to head (Reuven hadn’t made the train—he called me instead), and with a little more than a minute’s credit in my phone. (more…)

26 August, 2006

The #1 location for 24/7 street-side kosher garbage

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While I’m getting annoyances off my back, I thought I’d mention a few others. One is the use of the street as a garbage bin. (more…)

18 August, 2006

Friday’s insanity

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A little bit of madness has put me on a train to Long Island at 5:11pm on a Friday afternoon. A little bit of madness was a direct result of my overly laid-back attitude to planning ahead and some assumptions that I could have checked but didn’t (always thinking of them at the completely wrong times). (more…)

Museums and Monuments

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I got into Baltimore at 9pm. From the view of Baltimore that met me, it was a pretty empty and lifeless city. (more…)

16 August, 2006

NYC part 1

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I landed in New York’s Laguardia airport on Wednesday the 9th of August with the knowledge that (a) I was staying somewhere in Brooklyn with Hadar’s dad (another friend who went on exchange to Sydney- Hadar, not her dad); (b) She would be in Baltimore, Maryland; (c) I would be leaving for Washington sometime the next week. And I also knew stuff like New York is a Big City, with a Big Subway, and that Brooklyn and Manhattan were different parts (“boroughs”) of the city. More than that, I’d need to work out. (more…)

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