6 September, 2007

Opera alpha very exciting

Filed under: Opera by Joel @ 12:43 am, 6 September 2007.

Opera - The Fastest Browser on Earth I had to write about it some time, and it’s just too hard to avoid now. The Opera web browser, which I have been using dedicatedly since 2001, on Tuesday released an alpha version of their upcoming version 9.50, codenamed Kestrel. I’m very excited.


14 February, 2007

Online annoyances

Filed under: Opera by Joel @ 4:29 pm, 14 February 2007.

Isn’t OnlySimchas so much prettier without those annoying flashing ads everywhere? Once you’ve seen it without, you’ll never want to go back. (Facebook too…)

OnlySimchas without picture ads...

It’s as simple as right-click -> Block Content, click, click, click. Ahhhh….

And it’s only one small reason to use the Opera Web Browser.

PS: Yes, this is a shameless promotion for my part in the current generation of Browser Wars. It’s the only software I promote regularly, and I have had good reason to snce 2000. It runs my life and with IE or Firefox or Safari or Konqueror, I am crippled. And it’s worth it.

PPS: No, Opera isn’t the only software out there that blocks banner ads. But it makes it easy, and there are enough other reasons to want to use Opera.

9 July, 2006

blog vs email

Filed under: Opera,Technology by Joel @ 3:06 pm, 9 July 2006.

People tell me they’re not into the blog thing. But they’re well into the email thing—after all, it pretty much comes direct to you and so is much easier to access.

So at my guess people just aren’t using blogs properly. The key to the modern blog is that they can be read as a web page, as an email, or in just about any other collected format. This is due to something called RSS feeds. An RSS feed collects together a summary of a site, such as news from the Jerusalem Post, or posts from my blog, or comments on my blog.

So instead of me having to send out annoying mass emails along my travels, what you need is an RSS reader or aggregator. There are literally hundreds of these around. (more…)

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