31 August, 2007

My favourite photos

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I’ve discriminately selected 279 personal favourites from thousands of my photos (although a couple were taken by others) taken over the year that I was away from Sydney. They’re not necessarily favourite moments from my trip, but I enjoy the image, maybe even the art. They are pictures made up of trees, lamp-posts, animals, flowers, nature, children, old people, artists, tourists, businesspeople, people…, poverty, parenthood, enthic relations, love, leisure, culture, places, weather, structure, symmetry, geometry, reflection, refraction, colour, contrast, shade, light, sun, textures, water, strange subjects, strange angles, irony, humour, purity, blemish, focus, blur, evocative images, emotion, and all of them memories to me.

I would love to hear your comments, here on my blog, or on the photos themselves, which ones are your favourites; whether you like or dislike any in particular; whether you think some should be incldued from my other photos that weren’t.

So go check them out and let me know…

7 July, 2006

Photos online…

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I’ve got the photo gallery up and running at Okay, so it doesn’t have much there yet, not even my old galleries. Still, check it out!

Sheva Brachot

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