31 August, 2007

My favourite photos

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I’ve discriminately selected 279 personal favourites from thousands of my photos (although a couple were taken by others) taken over the year that I was away from Sydney. They’re not necessarily favourite moments from my trip, but I enjoy the image, maybe even the art. They are pictures made up of trees, lamp-posts, animals, flowers, nature, children, old people, artists, tourists, businesspeople, people…, poverty, parenthood, enthic relations, love, leisure, culture, places, weather, structure, symmetry, geometry, reflection, refraction, colour, contrast, shade, light, sun, textures, water, strange subjects, strange angles, irony, humour, purity, blemish, focus, blur, evocative images, emotion, and all of them memories to me.

I would love to hear your comments, here on my blog, or on the photos themselves, which ones are your favourites; whether you like or dislike any in particular; whether you think some should be incldued from my other photos that weren’t.

So go check them out and let me know…

28 February, 2007

Poppy pockets

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Hamentaschen Part of proper Purim partying is the preparation and packaging (as presents) of triangular pocket pastries of poppy seeds or other pleasant puréed produce (jams; marmalades; honey and walnuts). You take a circle of cookie dough, drop a dollop of something sweet in the centre and fold in three sides to make this popular Purim delicacy. There are plenty of recipes available if you need more detail (but mum’s are the best).

As the Yiddish name “Hamentaschen” (hamentashen, hamantaschen, hamantashen, homentaschen, homentashen, hamentash, hamantasch, etc…) suggests, these are an exclusive tradition of European Ashkenazi Jewry, and yet they have been borrowed into Israeli (and thus international Jewish) culture as “אוזני המן” (Oznei Haman, “Haman’s ears”). It might seem predictable enough for something named after the infamous Book of Esther character Haman to become part of the Purim tradition, but it’s not quite so simple… (more…)

28 January, 2007

A Washington Weekend (a month ago!)

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Nearly a month late, I thought I’d take the opportunity to wish people a happy 2007, and tell you a little bit about my New Year’s excursion to DC. I think, though, that unless I want to keep lagging behind on my tales, I might need to do it in summary form (nup- didn’t succeed). I could just ignore it, but one of the main reasons I blog about my travels is to save some memory of them, a little like a diary, only more public. And then I wish I could blog about every week of life here when something new happens, but it’s not as distinct as when I am travelling, and much harder to keep track of and find time to write about.

So I arrived in DC on the night of Wednesday the 27th of December, 2006, off the Greyhound bus and into the care of Naomi and her family, still carrying the cookies left with me from Philadelphia. (more…)

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