21 March, 2009

Looking for a new laptop..?

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My laptop’s been beaten up a bit much over the last three years. It’s not the most stable/reliable machine, although it became somewhat less stable in some senses since I deleted Windows and installed kubuntu a few months ago, which has trouble going into “hibernate”, among other useful things. It’s an ugly, heavy, widescreen Dell Inspiron, with a broken hinge to its monitor, and with great troubles at properly sleeping and waking up if I close the computer.

And recently, its battery finally told me it’d carked it. While I can live without it working detached from power, it’s got its obvious advantages. And I’m still in the habit of pulling out the power-cord when it’s not completely shut down, and it doesn’t like that without any other power source to rely on.

I need a computer to rely on, and one I can carry around on my back. For the next three years at least.

Do I keep the laptop and find myself a new battery? Or should I go and buy a new one, and forget all my worries for at least another few months until I’ve damaged it enough? What should I get? What do I do with my old one.

I have no interest in Windows currently, and am enjoying my experiment with Linux, but would be happy with an apparently more reliable, and certainly better-supported, Mac system. But I have little idea about what’s worth purchasing out there… Help! And quick!

6 March, 2009

Pedestrian philosophy

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The Australian Jewish News weekly asks a question of people its reporters meet on the street, in a “Vox Pop”. This week the reporter was apparently feeling particularly existential, as the following issue was picked for the community to respond to (Sydney Edition, Friday March 6 2009):


Some of the more inspiring responses printed include:

Yes I think there appears to be, you hear about situatons happening that make you wonder what is really going on.
Ricki, 48

I have heard that there is, but don’t know about one personally.
Henry, 75

I don’t think so, well I hope not.
Sarah, 26

And then there are more obscure responses, such as:

Yes, because they don’t have a Jewish place to go.
Eitan, 72

How would you respond to this insightful survey?

PS: Yes, their use of commas is perhaps also less-than-desirable.

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