9 November, 2008

Giving birth and being reborn

Filed under: Computational linguistics,Wikipedia by Joel @ 4:45 pm, 9 November 2008.

After 6 years as an undergraduate student, I have finally handed in my honours thesis:

Words 24,000+
Pieces of paper 62
Thesis pages 82
Front matter pages 9
Back matter pages 24
Chapters 8
Sections 33
Appendices 3
References 116
Footnotes 56
Tables 47 (or 67)
Figures 16 (or 22)
Project time in months 8
Days since starting to write 110

I pity my markers.

And here it is, in case anyone cares: Learning Named Entity Recognition from Wikipedia.

And now, I am reborn. What to do with myself? So much to do with myself. But at least I have time to work it out… =)

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