13 March, 2007

I still call Australia home

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a Sunday Vegemite lunch

(… even if I don’t know how to spread butter on my vegemite sandwich without ripping the bread to pieces…)

9 March, 2007

Leaving the cleaning to someone else

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One of the possible advantages of staying at a place like Hillel is that I don’t need to do things like clean the bathrooms and corridoors. George the caretaker does that, and empties the garbage bin… and people even (rightly or wrongly) leave him dirty dishes for the morning.

This is not always an advantage. Such as today when I needed to go to the toilet but my reading material (which I leave beside it) had disappeared. I went to ask George about it, but he only knew of a comic book and a magazine that were there but he had moved. It seems the importants at Hillel had asked him to clean the area as we are having a few guests staying with us for the weekend. (more…)

8 March, 2007

Purim with the Ghetto Shul

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Avrumi The holiday of purim is the silliest day of the Jewish calendar, filled with drinking, partying, dressing up in silly costumes, and (not unlike most other Jewish festivals) eating lots of food. As such, there were numerous Megillah (Book of Esther) readings and purim parties on Saturday night, and many afternoon feasts on Sunday, across the Jewish communities of Montreal. (more…)

7 March, 2007

Is it spring yet?

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Just when I thought we were about to hit melting point (and the streets would soon be covered with the slush of melting snow), the temperature dipped right back down to the -30s (and everything froze). If only I knew this before going for a 30 minute walk without my tuque (beanie) or long johns on. In fact, just the day before I had washed my long underwear and put it away, hoping not to need them again for some time.

They are finally predicting highs of 9 degrees by the end of the week…

Update: they bureau changed its mind: the best we’ve got now till Sunday is 1 degree.

1 March, 2007

One person’s rubbish is another person’s…

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I’ve been catching up slowly on the blog of Simon Holloway and was loathingly jealous of his—as a postgraduate—being able to grab as he wished from the USyd Library Undergraduate Collection, as he described, “Like a child in a candy store…“, collecting 31 titles.

IMG_2710out This was redeemed only a little by McGill’s library going back to their Wednesday night practice of leaving recycling bins full of books outside in the cool air, waiting for people to come and rifle through them for anything of use. (more…)

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